How to choose the perfect Football Kit

The football kit is like the skin of a footballer, it helps in enhancing the performance of a player drastically and also makes sure that a player has lesser probability to get injured. which is very much required for a smooth sailing of a player’s career. A perfect football kit consists of the following

  • Shirt – The shirts are meant to be with sleeves and its always advised to wear football specific jerseys or shirts which are comfortable and provides enough air to let in.


  • Shorts/tracksuit bottoms (for goalkeepers) Always choose comfortable shorts to achieve maximum flexibility which can’t be achieved when jeans, trousers are worn, avoid long shorts.


  • Football socks– Buy a high quality material football socks of proper length as it there is high chance the low quality socks get torn faster as the game requires a lot of slide tackles.

fooball socks.jpg

  • Shin guards – Shin guards are very important to avoid injuries, invest in a lightweight shin guard with a supporter to make sure it stays intact, avoid really big and bulky ones as they are really uncomfortable and makes it difficult to play


  • Football Boots–  This perhaps is the most important factor, as it truly shapes the game of a player, improper boots causes injuries, lack of ball control etc, it is always advised to buy a sturdy pair of boots which fit properly and does not have loose fitting, it should also be light and position specific boots can be purchased for better performance


Things to avoid –

Players must avoid wearing, keeping anything that is dangerous or would hurt other players, always make sure to keep away things like

  1. Rings
  2. Necklaces
  3. Rubber bands
  4. Watches






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