Is India a happening Football nation ?

India, known as the sleeping giant in the world of Football has a lot of potential to generate world-class talent. Various initiatives such as Mission XI Million have been launched to gather talent. To make sure these budding talents make the best out of it, we need to focus more on products and methods which would help them enhance their skills.

With the growing popularity and TRP’s of  I-League and ISL each season, we see that they provide a platform to showcase some quality talent


On the contrary we also see that ISL due to the growing popularity becoming more of a showbiz and is creating a mockery of football by making it a format which is like the Indian Premier League (Cricket) as it is catering more towards the foreign players, it’s concentrates more on factors which gives them monetary benefit. That being said the young Indian players could use some experience of these stars, at the same time ISL should make sure they are not sidetracked. In any case its wrong to say that ISL only had a negative impact as it did bring in some quality game and viewership which would finally lead us Indians into playing and watching the sport in a way this beautiful game deserves it.

What we lack is proper motivation, I myself would have had seen set of players who have it in them to make it big, but when asked if they would want to play professionally, they would say No, as there is no support from family neither is the selection process any good, it’s perfectly defines the dirty business of Indians into any type of selection, there is too much politics, good players are pushed out and players with good contacts make it.

It’s true that we still are taking the baby steps into the world of Football,but we are growing at a steady pace and that is justified as the under 17 world cup will be hosted in India and we expecting the greatest of the footballing stars to make it here and witness it (Cristiano Ronaldo, Puyol) hopefully we will see the Blue Tigers making history.


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